Multi-Purpose PE Tarpaulin

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PE tarpaulin sheet is the perfect tarp for multipurpose and everyday use. Whether you're going camping, looking for pool or roof coverings, or need a durable tarp for commercial services, we have you covered. We offer a complete selection of quality polyethylene tarps that provide vital elemental protection. Our collection features tarpaulins that are waterproof, tear resistant, fire resistant, flame retardant and mildew resistant.

Choose from products including extra heavy duty flame retardant polyester tarps, greenhouse cover polyester sheets, green camouflage utility polyester tarps and more. We also offer asbestos protection grade heavy-duty poly tarps and heat absorbing cold weather heavy-duty poly tarps for construction sites and industrial equipment covers.

The hem of each poly tarp is reinforced with polyethylene with heat welded seams to make it completely waterproof. Our tarps can also withstand high winds and hot conditions, making them ideal for most outdoor use. They are also available in a variety of grades and thicknesses from light to extra heavy duty. Plus, you'll love our selection of camouflage, yellow, silver and other colors. For trucking and roof tarps, white polyester tarps and silver polyester tarps are the most common choices because of their UV heat reflective properties.