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Quick Tips for Tarpaulin Repair and Maintenance

Dec. 29, 2022

Tarpaulins are an essential tool for truck drivers on the road. They are the first line of defense for your cargo, protecting it from bad weather, debris, and gravel - and suffering a lot of damage in the process. Knowing how to care for your truck tarpaulin is extremely important to ensure how long they last and whether they provide the protection you need. In the long run, drivers who know how to maintain their truck tarpaulins will save money because their equipment will last longer and they will be better able to keep their cargo safe. With that in mind, here are some basic truck tarp maintenance tips that you can use to ensure your tarp stays in good condition.


Make sure it's safe

Perhaps one of the most important factors in maintaining your truck tarpaulin is securing them in place while you drive. If they are not securely tied down, loose material can flap in the wind. This makes the tarpaulin more likely to suffer tears and rips, which can leave it in tatters. Use your fastenings correctly to ensure that there are no areas where excess material has been blown away by the wind.

Camouflage PE Tarpaulin

 Camouflage PE Tarpaulin

Check the bonding points

Damage to the strap fixing points of a tarp is very serious. At the very least, use cable ties to secure torn straps while driving. This will prevent the tarp from slipping off. However, the cable ties used as fixing straps are only an emergency accessory and should be replaced immediately so that the whole roof does not fall off. So-called attachment straps with braided loops mean less stress for you as the driver. If necessary, use the nearest loop. In the case of combined transport and rolling roads, special care must be taken to ensure that all tarpaulin supports are present and intact.


Repairing tarpaulins with hot air

We recommend using hot air to repair large holes and rips. A piece of tarp is welded to the tarpaulin using hot air. To carry out the repair you will need a hot air unit, a tarpaulin for the patch and a press roller. First cut the patch to size and place it in the middle of the torn section. Carefully use the hot air blower between the tarp and the patch and apply a lot of pressure with the roller to bond the melted material. To ensure the best repair, apply the patch on both sides. PVC tarpaulins can be repaired in the same way, but require a higher temperature (around 180 degrees C).

PVC Tarpaulin

 PVC Tarpaulin

Keep it hygienic

Cleaning your truck tarp properly is an important part of good maintenance. This is because over time, grease, salt and grit can wear away at the surface, making it more likely to tear. Start by laying the tarp flat on the ground or across your flatbed. Although there are special cleaners for this purpose, ordinary detergent will also work well. Apply soapy water and leave for a few minutes to remove any dirt build-up. Scrub the entire area with a push broom. After rinsing, allow the tarp to dry completely before folding and storing it, otherwise, it may become moldy or mildewy.



Leaving a tarp outside can lead to all sorts of problems. If exposed to the sun all day, tarpaulins can be damaged by UV rays, making them fragile and brittle. Leaving a tarp in a high-traffic area can also lead to damage. This is why you should fold and put away your tarp as soon as possible.


With proper care, you can be sure that your tarp will continue to perform as well as it should for as long as possible. If you want to start with the best quality possible, choose Jincang Plastic. we offer a wide selection of products for a variety of industries and applications. Contact us today for a quote or to place an order.