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Why Tarpaulins Are Essential Camping Gear?

Apr. 12, 2023

Traveling abroad is still problematic for some, while others find they just prefer a holiday at home - short trips to the UK may still be the daily schedule for the upcoming summer. Camping has come back into vogue after great popularity and is now probably the favorite option for many of us. As we have shown in the last few blogs, camping with a tarpaulin is a great option. Tarpaulin tents can really be a great alternative to traditional tents - and there are many advantages to this option.

You may naturally think that tarpaulins are not a suitable option, but more and more outdoor enthusiasts have realized that this is not the case. You may think that tarpaulins don't offer enough protection from these elements, or that they are difficult to set up. When used as a shelter, however, tarpaulins are indeed versatile. Whatever your specific situation and needs, your one tarp can offer a wide range of options.

So now you've realized the amazing adaptability and versatility of tarpaulins, what other advantages are there?

Multi-Purpose PVC Tarpaulin

Multi-Purpose PVC Tarpaulin

  • Get close to nature and experience camping the way it used to be. Many tarpaulin shelter configurations will have one or two areas open to the elements, allowing you to wake up to a beautiful sunrise or morning dew. Weather permitting, this can provide a more unsanitary experience than a manufactured tent with zips and allow you to experience camping more similar to the traditional ways of our ancestors and forefathers. Camping forums and websites have recently demonstrated this, with many people reporting their positive experiences with this back-to-nature approach.

  • Lightweight and space-saving. Tarpaulins are made from extremely light but strong and waterproof materials. They take up less space in your backpack than modern tents, not least because you can secure your tarp shelter to or between trees, meaning you don't need to carry heavy tent pegs with you. Anything that reduces the weight and space in your pack is a boon for any camper.

  • Versatile and easy to build. We've already talked about this, but it can't be overstated. Not only can you set up a tarp tent in a number of ways (see previous blog for examples) - some of which can be set up in seconds - but tarps can also be used to create extra sheltered areas for cooking, entertaining or privacy, and can be used as ground mats or to protect your fire or equipment from the elements.

Uses of PVC Tarpaulin

 Uses of PVC Tarpaulin

  • Economical. Tarpaulins come in a variety of types and sizes, with prices starting from a few pounds, depending on the size, quality, and thickness required. In comparison, a tent of similar size and quality may be much more expensive but certainly not as versatile (there is really only one use for a tent). Therefore, if you are on a budget, a tarp may be a good option.

  • You've learned a skill that could save lives. Making shelters using tarpaulins or similar sheets is a skill taught in almost all armed forces around the world. Often referred to as Basha or Bivi in the army, tarpaulins can actually save lives if you are unknowingly exposed to a dangerous situation (not to mention potential uses such as a makeshift stretcher), meaning that if you learn this skill you can save lives and find yourself in such a predicament in the future.

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