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Jincang Plastic PE tarpaulin is the right protective gear for your products.

Made of HDPE fabric cross-woven and both sides of the fabric are laminated with LDPE plastic and manufactured with high quality PE granules, PE tarpaulin is a large, strong, flexible and convenient waterproof or water-resistant cover for large areas.

PE Tarps are perfect to protect exposed objects/areas in need of cover & protection. Strong, flexible, water resistant and waterproof, it made from the strong, flexible, water resistant and waterproof, it made from the highest quality materials available.

Jincang Plastic PE tarpaulin is made from the most advanced machinery combined with 27 years of expertise in manufacturing the best quality tarpaulin for your application.

Technical parameters of PE tarpaulin

Material: PE (polyethylene)

Color: double white, double blue, double silver, double black, black/white, blue/white, camouflage or according to customers' requirements

Width: 2x3m,3x4m,3x5m,4x5m,4x6m,5x8m,6x8m,6x10m,6x8ft,8x8ft,8x10ft,12x12ft,14x14ft,15x15ft or as per customer's requirement

Length: according to customer's requirement

GSM: 100-260gsm

Surface treatment: LDPE laminated on both sides

Minimum order quantity: 4 tons

Production capacity: 200tons/month

Delivery Time: First container within 45 days after order confirmation, later according to customer's requirement

Payment terms: spot L/C or T/T

Certification: GRS, FDA, CE, SGS, BV, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001

PE tarpaulin has many advantages including.

● 100% high density woven polyethylene, laminated on both sides

● UV treated on both sides for excellent sun protection while still allowing natural light to penetrate for illumination

● Water, wind, corrosion and mildew resistant

● Double reinforced corners for added strength

● Arctic flexibility

● Lightweight, easy to handle and shrink-proof

Applications of PE tarpaulin.

Widely used in the agricultural industry as protection, covering crops.

Its waterproof, shatterproof and weatherproof means no leaks, no moisture and no microbial or fungal attacks. As the best temporary tent and cover.

In addition, tarpaulins are flexible and tare-resistant because high tensile strength and high elongation make tarpaulins extremely flexible, making them ideal for covering strange shaded objects and can be used to cover blunt or solid objects.

In addition, PE tarpaulin is more economical than cotton tarpaulins, and it is also available in attractive colors and qualities.

As the best pool cover to protect your pool from snow and dust.


Floor liners for storing or stacking railroad wagon covers.

Floor worksheets, transport.

Waterproof liners for trucks, rhythms, warehouses, sheds, etc.

Storage tarps, fumigation covers, poultry shades.

Construction sites - Covering cement bags, equipment, metal rods.

Curtains for unfinished buildings.

In various packaging industries.

Recreational use for picnics and camping.

Features of PE tarpaulin.

The product is available in a wide range of thicknesses so that it can most cost-effectively meet your requirements. We are able to manufacture the best quality 3-ply tarpaulin from 100 GSM to 260 GSM in 5-ply, and it can be made 300 GSM thicker, giving it amazing strength and durability.


Unlike canvas tarpaulins, PE tarpaulins have the ability to come in a wide range of colors, making them more practical and preferred products around the world. In-house tarpaulin finishing equipment allows us to make custom sized tarpaulins that are enforced with border cords, plastic corners, and metal eyelets to meet customer needs.


Jincang Plastic is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of PE tarpaulin located in Shandong, China with core expertise in manufacturing a wide range of tarpaulin products to provide you with high quality PE tarpaulin products.