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Jincang is a PVC tarpaulin supplier and manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality tarpaulin products. Our company has a wide range of products, including PVC-coated tarpaulin, laminated tarpaulin, truck covers, inflatable fabric, and more.

Our PVC tarpaulin products are widely used in many industries, such as transportation, agriculture, construction, and advertising. They are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them an ideal solution for outdoor applications.

At Jincang, we pride ourselves on our production capabilities. We have a modern production line and advanced equipment that enables us to produce high-quality products efficiently. Our skilled team of technicians and engineers ensures that each product is made to the highest standards.

We understand that lead time is crucial for our customers, and we strive to deliver our products on time. Our lead time is usually within 15-20 days, depending on the order quantity. We also offer samples for our customers to test the quality of our products before placing a larger order. Our MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 1000 square meters, and we are happy to work with our customers to meet their specific needs.


What is PVC tarpaulin?

PVC tarpaulin is a combination of polyvinyl chloride and polyester fabric, using heat and pressure to press them together. It is a waterproof and weather-resistant material with features such as quick-drying, mildew resistance, anti-aging, anti-static, waterproof, and cold resistance for various applications. It has much better breaking strength, tear elongation and tear strength than PE and PP tarpaulins.

PVC tarpaulin is made from multiple layers of mesh fabric coated with a layer of polyethylene and is available in a wide range of mesh and mil counts. They come in many different sizes and can be used for many different reasons. They are usually resistant to corrosion and water, which is very handy when you need to cover something, especially in bad weather. The thickness of tarps is measured in mils.

A mil is equal to 1/1000 of an inch. The larger the number, the thicker the tarp. Most tarps are 6 mils thick, but they can be up to 23 mils thick if needed as a heavy-duty tarp. Mesh count is defined as the number of threads per inch.

A 10 X 10 mesh count means there are 10 threads per inch in each direction. Polyethylene tarps are sold in rolls or pre-cut sizes. They are available with metal, aluminum or brass loops. The loops are used to attach the tarpaulin to any area that needs to be covered.

PVC tarpaulin has a much longer service life than PE and PP tarpaulins and is relatively more expensive. Customers can choose the right type according to their actual application. Check out our PE tarpaulins.

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